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Erin E. Phelan

I am a recent graduate of Lew Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University with a Bachelor's in Media Studies and Production with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. I have chosen to enter the media field because I love creating and problem-solving.

My interest in media began on my 11th birthday with a little blue camcorder. I loved filming anything and everything just as much as I loved watching movies and television. With a strong passion for media, I choose to study media production at Montgomery County Community College. After participating in multiple leadership roles in the news club and narrative film club, I graduated with an associate's degree and began my Junior year at Temple University. When Covid-19 forced Temple to move online during my first semester, I chose to focus on improving my editing skills and used every class opportunity to create some sort of creative project. Before I knew it, I had added a minor in Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies. I was finally on campus to experience my senior year, where I was able to create projects, make connections with professors and peers, and participate in an internship with Philadelphia’s Public Access Station PhillyCAM, working as a video production intern.  

My Interests include children’s media and interactive and dynamic media making. 

For hobbies, I play and coach rugby, teach martial arts, and make short films with my friends! 

As for career aspirations, I hope to work in the children’s media industry. I want to continue to create short films and personal projects to push myself to continue to learn. 

PhillyCAM Internship

 I have an insatiable drive to be my best self; feeling great, but still growing.

During the spring 2022 semester I was able to intern at Philadelphia's Public Access Station PhillyCAM. 

I had the opportunity to get hands on experience assisting with ongoing internal and contract work, initiate an online video campaign, and participate in member workshops. 


PhillyCAM Work Examples

Women in our Community Media

Three PhillyCAM interns worked together to initiate a video series that premiered on PhillyCAM’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

My fellow intern and I worked to interview and collect videos of women in community media sharing their stories. The idea was brought to us by a PhillyCAM staff member and we decided to take this as an opportunity to lead a project. We came up with questions to ask the women, created Canva video slides, and edited and posted the final videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As part of this project we also got the opportunity to conduct interviews over Zoom. 

This project was rewarding in the technical and creative aspects of producing video content. Speaking to the many women in community media gave us the opportunity to hear the many experiences that women have in the media industry.

I’m sharing this work because I am proud of how my fellow intern and I were able to communicate with people and invite them to participate, interview these amazing female media makers, and upload them onto platforms where everyone can watch and learn from the women who made this project possible. 

This project was created for an audience that wants to learn more about community media and women in the industry, especially those grounded in the Philly area. 

”Women Mean Business” A Panel Discussion in Collaboration with Avenue Business Improvement District and She Rocked It

I operated camera during a panel discussion amongst women business owners on Passyunk Ave. The PhillyCAM crew consisted of two interns and one PhillyCAM staff member. The staff member had us set up our cameras and gave instructions on what the look was supposed to be for the shoot, getting this professional experience helped to show me what interacting with clients looks like during a shoot. We used Sony Cameras for this shoot, using white balance and other technical features on the camera to create the best picture. 

In Studio Contract Shoot

Acted as floor manager and camera, working with talent. This was an excellent opportunity to see how PhillyCAM sets up a shoot. This includes how the lighting board operates, working with cameras and mics, as well as communicating with both the director as well as the talent during the filming. 

PhillyCAM Annual Member Meeting

Acted as an assistant editor on the “Year in Review” video. Filed videos and pictures for the lead editors to work on. Working on the PhillyCAM server, I was able to navigate through the different folders to find the many projects that the lead editors wanted to appear in the video. I also reached out to other staff members using Basecamp to ask about projects and content that were in their possession in order to collect everything that was requested. 

As for the actual shooting of the member meeting, I acted as floor manager during the live taping of the show. I communicated via headset with the director and communicated with the talent when their cues were among other important aspects of the show. PhillyCAM Annual Member Meeting was streamed with a live audience and will also air on PhillyCAM TV. 

Additional Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Contract: 

Assisted in editing portions of videos in an ongoing project. Using Storyblocks, Vimeo, and Premiere Pro to assist with editing. 

Ongoing Contract:

Acted as assistant editor, labeled and organized B-Roll clips and worked on assisting lead editors for rough cuts of segments. 


CLS Workers Rights:

Edited captions within Premiere Pro and created graphics in Canva to be shown within the episode that aired on PhillyCAM. 

More Examples of Creative Work


During the class"Producing and Directing" during fall 2021, my team created the narrative short-film Pong. Pong is a mind-bending horror film that focuses on a group of students during a game of pong.   

pong concept art.jpg

A Not So Maiden Voyage

Winner of "Best Emergent Media" at the MSP Awards in 2021, this interactive film chronicles the epic journey of pirate enthusiast Edith and her journey to self acceptance. 

Hive Mind

Capstone short-film about a young assasin who seeks to avenge her late sister. 

Mustang Video Warrior

Mustang Video Warrior is a parody of American Ninja Warrior where contestants battle to see who has the best production skills

Concert Blizzard Blues

This interactive film lets YOU choose Casey's destiny. Will she get to go to her dream concert Make the decisions and see what happens!

Bonfire Nightmares

A night around the campfire turns dangerous when three friends' nightmares become real! Watch this interactive film and choose between the three parallel tracks!

The Buzz Update

The Buzz Update is a school broadcast news club at Montgomery County Community College where I served as president for two terms, secretary, and executive producer. 

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