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Bonfire Nightmare

A night around the bonfire turns dangerous when these friends' nightmares come to life. With A Bigfoot, Banana Man, and a cookie-crazed Ninja, madness ensues.

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Your mom tells you to do something even though you’re mad at her, will teen angst affect the outcome of the decisions you make? 

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Lonely pirate enthusiast Edith enters a dream where she lives out her pirate fantasy, will she learn something about herself and those around her?

An Interactive Production

 by Erin E. Phelan

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A Not So

Maiden Voyage


Interactive Media Creator

Erin E. Phelan

Temple University, Klein College Senior

Director, Producer, Editor. 


My name is erin and the reason I love to explore interactive and dynamic media is because it's an exciting field where you can expand narratives and explore an array of storytelling techniques. 

Concert Blizzard Blues

Interactive Diagram


Documentation Video

Bonfire Nightmare

Interactive Diagram

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Documentation Video

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